Sexy Korean Gals Suh In-young and Park Jung-a do GQ Korea

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sexy Korean Gals Suh In-young and Park Jung-a do GQ Korea

Suh In-young shows us what’s she’s got with Jewelry member, Park Jung-a. In the interview, the singer/actress was asked to respond to the rumor of her growing nose. She replied that there is also a rumor going around that her chin is growing as well.

Suh In-young and Park Jung-a are featured in the June 2008 issue of the men’s magazine, GQ Korea.

Why bother having the other two member in the group when the only people getting and wanting all the attention are these two, especially InYoung.


Wonder Girls Releasing more Sexy Albums - to provoke more males

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wonder Girls Releasing more Sexy Albums - to provoke more males

The Wonder Girls were performers tonight at the 2008 Cyon B-Boy Championship held at the Jeonju Gymnasium in Jeonbuk, delighting the audience with their medley of “Tell Me” and “Irony”.



Yoo Bin Smexy Image Concept for Second Album

Yoo Bin was the third Wonder Girl to be unveiled today and all I can say is “WOW!” And it certainly looks like they are going with the “leopard” print concept as she sports a striped shirt with a leopard print skirt. Her long legs make her really look smexy as she lies on a float in the middle of a swimming pool as everyone wants a piece of her. The picture confirms that she has shoulder-length hair now and will probably not have a stupid wig on.

And if you notice, it’s like they are pushing a “CAN’T GET ENUFF or MUST HAVE the WONDER GIRLS” theme for them.

Sun Ye is the second Wonder Girl to be unveiled and it’s nothing as sexy as Ye Eun. She wears something that has leopard print too so does this mean that their album/image has something to do with leopard?

And after having long hair for both “Irony”, “Tell Me” and “Ee Babo”, she sports short hair this time although ain’t really sure if it’s a wig or what. Don’t tell me they are pulling a Yoo Bin “Tell Me” style on her this time?

It looks like she has a S-Line figure and the hair makes her look younger frankly.

Miso lovers should feel mighty relieved at seeing this I figure.

After Ye Eun last Friday and Sun Ye today, I assume the rest will be unveiled one by one in the next three days culminating in the album release on 22 May.