Korean diva E Hyo-lee Tops K-pop Charts with 'U-Go-Girl

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Korean diva E Hyo-lee Tops K-pop Charts with 'U-Go-Girl'

Korean singing diva E Hyo-lee, who recently faced piracy allegations regarding her latest music video and album cover, nevertheless proved her name value by landing at the top of various K-pop charts.

According to the weekly K-pop chart released on July 26, "U-Go-Girl," the title track of the singer's third studio album, topped the Melon Chart. Another song from the same album entitled "Hey Mr.Big" ranked 13th.

"Love and War," a song by female singing duo Davich, which topped last week's music chart, followed right behind at second place, while Wonder Girls' "So Hot" ranked third. Meanwhile, Uhm Jung-hwa's "D.I.S.C.O" took the sixth spot.

Male singing duo Brown Eyes' "Don't Go, Don't Go" and "Because of You" placed fourth and 14th, respectively.


Korea babes Favorite Female Star Poll Results

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SportsKorea's 4th anniversary constructed 'AlphaGirl' polls. Alphagirl chooses 60 ladies for a survey about favorite male and female stars.

So... the favorite female star for this year? Lee Hyo-lee!

Lee Hyo-lee was chosen for ther trend setting influence. Alphagirls thought she was sexy with a perfect body. She's been loved for 10 years, thus being voted number 1.

She is also known as a master in relationships after her confession about most of her scandals being true.

The next in line, after Hyo-lee is... Kim Hye-soo!

She's known to be the best dresser and a sexy queen. Many Alphagirls admit that they are envious of her boldness for her fashion styles.

If the ladies want Hyo-lee and Hye-soo's sexy styles, they want Song Hye-kyo's clear skin, pretty nose, and small face.

Song Hye-kyo was voted the prettiest female star with Kim Tae-hee, Han Ga-in, Kim Hee-sun, Han Ye-seul following in line.

Song Yoon-ah was voted as the most intelligent star.

Her cast in the hit drama "On Air" definitely helped her win this vote. With her witty remarks and pleasing character.