Korean Singer SungEun is hot

Monday, February 25, 2008

Singer SungEun is gearing up to begin activities in Taiwan next year. She is currently recording a project album with a local singer.

A source in charge of promoting her in Taiwan said that they have set a localization strategy to make her a Korean star leading the Korean Wave in the country. “Actress Song Hye-gyo is almost the only Korean star who is recognized and treated as a top star in Taiwan, but many Korean stars also want to be treated as a top star. This difference in expectations is the cause for them failing to achieve good results when they try to work in Taiwan,” he added.

“We thought that it is better to discover and train a promising new face to introduce him or her as a Korean star in Taiwan, and SungEun has been selected,” the source said. “She is not only humble and modest but also responsible in her work.”

SungEun will first work as part of a duet with a Taiwanese singer, and later when she gains recognition, she will expand her activities to include acting. In addition, depending on her success level in Taiwan, she will be promoted in China.

Meanwhile in Korea, she released her debut album “Ecdysis” in May last year and appeared on the MBC drama “Sweet Spy.”


Exclusive Interview with G-Soul

Exclusive Interview with G-Soul

Tell us about your typical day. Do you have a routine you stick to?

These days I’m busy pretty much all day preparing for the concert and getting my album started. But usually my typical day involves school, vocal and music training, and working out at the gym.

Was it hard to get adjusted to living in the states? What’s the biggest difference you notice between Korea and US and what do you like about each place?

Korea is my home and I miss it a lot, but I don’t think it was that hard for me to adjust to the states. I think I adjusted real good to the states because I’ve loved American culture and R&B/Soul music all my life.

I think the biggest difference for me is that there’s more musical freedom in the states compared to Korea. I can do the style of music I love and that I’m good at, instead of just doing ballads or the pop styles popular in Korea.

What is your biggest weakness? Strengths?

I think my biggest strength is my faith in myself and in my music. I’ve always had faith that I can train and work hard on my music and make the best music I can possibly make. My biggest weakness is that I can be impatient and lazy sometimes.

Tell us more about your album. What’s the concept?

So far, I’ve only done about a couple songs, so I kind of want to keep it on the DL.

It’s really hard for Asian artists to make it in the US, what are you expectations and how do you think you can overcome the challenges?

I think it was hard for Asian artists to make it in the US because they were produced by American producers who really didn’t understand the Asian artist and where they were coming from. But this time, I think I’ll have music that fits me very well.

I think that America has opened up to the world and that Americans are much more open to Asian and other cultures than before, so I feel very fortunate.

Are you friends with any of the other JYP artists?

I’ve gotten really close with Min and Jeong Hee since living and training together in New York. We’ve been through so much together and it’s really brought us close. I’ve also learned a lot from Jeong Hee because she’s an experienced artist and is such a talented singer and musician. And I’m really good friends with the Wonder Girls and the trainees in the US and Korea.

Are you excited about the concert? How many songs are you going to perform? How was it working with the Boys Choir of Harlem?

I’m really excited about performing at MSG. It’ll be the biggest stage I’ve ever been on in the states. For now 2 songs, but I could have more. It was a great honor to work with the choir. It was a great experience and I learned a lot from them, and not just musically.

You said you sang Gospel when you were younger. How did you decide to switch to Soul?

I never really switched to Soul. Even though I sing more Soul and R&B, I still love singing Gospel and try to as much as I can.

How do you feel about working with R.Kelly?

I’m very excited and feel very honored to have the opportunity to work with R. Kelly. I never imagined in my life that I’d be able to work with the biggest R&B singer of all time, and of course he is one of my favorite artists. and I’m gonna use this chance to make the best music I can.

Questions from POPSEOUL! Readers

Did you felt discriminated at all? What was it like to be a singer from Korea trying to break into the US music industry?

I think people in the states stereotype me and don’t expect an Asian guy like me to sing R&B and Soul very well, but this just gives me more drive to train harder. I’ve always practiced American R&B and Soul music, so I consider trying to break into the US music industry a chance to do the music I’ve always done and loved.

Will you ever or think about making a Korean album in the future?
I will definitely do some Korean albums after my debut in the States.

Is there anything you two will develop into your music that will distinguish you as an Asian singer? Or will you continue to sing the style you currently sing w/o much Asian influence?? (nickie)

I consider myself as an R&B singer, not as an Asian R&B singer. So I’m going to try to do be myself and do the music I’ve loved and grown up with. And since I’m a unique person, as long as I just try to be myself, I believe there’ll be something unique in my music and I’ll be able to express my own unique style.

Since you are debuting in the U.S., who are the celebrities that you are eager to meet and/or even collaborate with ?

I would love to work with classic US artists like Stevie Wonder, as well as newer artists like Keyshia Cole and J. Holliday, but for now I’m just happy to have the chance to work with R. Kelly.

What is your fav song that you have sung?

The favorite song that I’ve sung is a soul classic called “A Song For You” by Donny Hathaway.

source: popseoul


Yoon Eun Hye, the new face of "Beauty Food - V=B Program"

Friday, February 22, 2008

Yoon Eun Hye, the new face of "Beauty Food - V=B Program"

Amore Pacific has signed up Yoon Eun Hye on a 1 Year contract as the new face of their "Beauty Food - V=B Program".

Reps from Amore Pacific revealed "we chose YEH for her fresh vitamin-like image and through this image we strongly believe that YEH can bring out both healthiness and beauty, hence we found her to be the best candidate to model out and convey this healthy beauty from the V=B program."

Yun Eun-hye has been tapped to be the face of beauty food, V=B program, from the domestic cosmetics company, Amore Pacific in a 1 year contract.

The coffee Prince star was chosen because of her sweet and healthy image ? like the supplements she will be hawking.

V=B ads featuring Yun Eun-hye will be released in March 2008.

Everytime I use to see her, I see the younger Suna on her. Their faces are quite similar, I`m happy that they worked together in DHC. She is also talented and sexy.

(서울=연합뉴스) 강종훈 기자 = 윤은혜가 아모레퍼시픽의 광고모델로 발탁됐다.

아모레퍼시픽은 21일 "뷰티푸드 브랜드 '비비프로그램'의 새 광고모델로 윤은혜 씨를 선정했다"면서 "3월 지면광고를 시작으로 1년간 전속모델로 활동한다"고 밝혔다.

아모레퍼시픽은 "상큼한 비타민 같은 모습으로 건강함과 아름다움을 동시에 겸비한 윤은혜가 내면으로부터 시작되는 건강한 아름다움을 위한 비비프로그램의 모델로서 최적이라고 판단했다"고 설명했다.

'비비프로그램'은 멀티비타민 등 건강 관리와 아름다움을 위한 영양소를 제공하는 건강보조식품 브랜드이다.



주소창에 '속보'치고 연합뉴스 속보 바로 확인

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<저작권자(c)연합뉴스. 무단전재-재배포금지.>


The TOP 10 Most Beautiful Faces in China are all KOREANS?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The TOP 10 Most Beautiful Faces in China are all KOREANS?

Recently, a website of China organized a poll voting the most famous female stars in China. From the top 10 list, we could see Chinese people are always the nostalgic ones. All these actresses are famous from the beginning of 21st century.

No1: Kim Hee Sun

Chinese people usually called Kim Hee Sun "The most beautiful woman of Korea". Being famous and adored
from many dramas, Kim Hee Sun has been known more when Jackie Chan invited her to cooperate in the movie The Myth.

No2: Song Hye Kyo

Being famous from the first drama "Autumn Tale", all of her next dramas such as "All In" or "Full House" are still hot in China.

No3: Lee Young Ae

The drama "Love as Fireworks", which has Lee Young Ae and Cha In Pyo played the leading roles, has been broadcasted many times in China for a long time. Lately, with Dae Jang Geum, her position in Chinese hearts has been more consolidated.

No4: Jang Na Ra

Perhaps Jang Na Ra is the most familiar Korean name in China. Getting popularity from the drama "Successful Story of a Bright Girl", Jang Na Ra switched to work in China and became a person to exchange the culture between two countries China- Korea.

No5: Chae Rim

As same as Jang Na Ra, after being famous with "All About Eve", she also came to play in some best-seller dramas such as "Love at The Aegean Sea ", "Warriors of the Yang Clan ", "Princess Sheng Ping", "Sassy Princess 2", etc. All the dramas had her performances that also are best-selling in China.

No6: CHoi Ji Woo

Choi Ji Woo are adored by Chinese audiences through two dramas "Winter Sonata" and "Stairway to Heaven".

No7: Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun is the most special case in the top 10. She was favored through the movie "My Sassy Girl" in 2001.

No8: Jang Seo Hee

Jang Seo Hee is not very famous in Korea, but she is very familiar to the Chinese audiences. Her daily drama "Miss Mermaid" has been broadcasted more than ten times on TV channels in China.

No9: Kim So Yeon

In the recent several years, her fame went down in Korea. However, Chinese audiences still couldn't forget this beauty cool face.

No10: Lee Jung Hyun

We could say that Lee Jung Hyun is the most famous female singer and has the most affection in China. Many Chinese singers had aped her dances. Although it has appeared more idol singers, Chinese people will never forget Lee Jung Hyun.


Wonder Girls are going to New York

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finally on February 16, “Tell Me” fairies Wondergirls went to Incheon International Airport and boarded on a plane, headed for New York to shoot “MTV Wondergirls Season 3”.

The Wondergirls’ members go for New York City because it is a dream for all of them to visit and get face-to-face with the real place. MTV producers made an agreement that they will shoot the laid-back and real side of Wondergirls behind those glamour lifestyles.

This time, Wondergirls Season 3 will show the audience on each of the members’ interest in music, fashion, and art. The show will include their special guest performance during JYP’s U.S. concert tour.

The New York trip will leave a deep meaning for these girls as the start of a new life since Ye Eun and Sun Ye, both just graduated from high school, Sun Mi and So Hee too graduated from middle school this year.

MTV Wondergirls Season 3 is expected to be air on March 7. They will also shoot a music video in U.S. for their single “Wishing On A Star” which will be released on March 5. Fans are able to view their music video soon through MTV and internet portal Daum.

wondergirls of korea
wondergirls of korea
wondergirls of korea
wondergirls of korea
wondergirls of korea

boys, men, women, celebrities, and even chickens. A YouTube search for "Wonder Girls Tell Me" got 1,620 hits. My Hangul is rusty so I couldn't search for videos on Korea's Daum. If you want to learn the dance, try one of the tutorials or iDance. Wonder Girls: Tell Me Tell Me: School Girls Tell Me: Flight Attendants Tell Me: Traffic Police Tell Me: Baby Tell Me: Chickens Wonder Girls: Tell Me: Tutorial Wonder Girls: Tell Me: Tutorial Tell Me: iDance Wonder Girls on MySpace.com

, y debo aclarar que esa foto no le hace justicia. Es la más sobreactuada, pero la que más carisma tiene. Para terminar, unos cuantos vídeos de las Wonder Girls. - Preview del videoclip de Irony.


Kim Tae-hee, Yoon Eun-hye, Jeong Ryeo-won becoming a big 'threat' to the big seniors of CF industry

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kim Tae-hee, Yoon Eun-hye, Jeong Ryeo-won becoming a big 'threat' to the big seniors of CF industry

With a start of a new year, there is an atmosphere of the member replacements in various industries. And the CF industry is no exception to this.

A number of top female stars are now giving up their titles of CF Queens to the new generation of top female stars. Since the end of last year, the advertising agencies are having difficulties deciding between the old models that are familiar with the consumers and the new models with uniqueness and originality.

For example, Lee Young-ae, who had been LG Whisen Air Condition's model for last 4 years, was replaced by Jeong Ryeo-won. Jeong Ryeo-won took over Lee Young-ae's place with Lee Seon-gyoon as her partner and some points out that she lacks the charisma to be the brand's model while some support her by saying that the change of the model had positive effects on the image of the company.

In addition, Kim Nam-joo, who had been the Lady of Daewoo Construction Prugio for last 7 years, handed over her place to Kim Tae-hee. Samsung Electronics Zipel has also chosen Yoon Eun-hye as their next generation of models to add some fresh image to the brand.

In comparison to the advertisement of food or drink which changes their model frequently to satisfy the popular culture of the time, the construction and household appliance companies had been keeping the same model for quite a long period of time to establish familiarity between the model and the consumers. Thus this new trend in the CF industry is seen as an exceptional case.

A spokesman from an advertising agency explained, "There is no 'special' reason or cause behind this new trend. Rather it is a result of the mutual need of many companies seeking a new and original image which was met by the rising of the new generation female stars. Despite what is being said about this new trend, the previous generation of models still have strong influence in the industry. For example, this is Lee Mi-yeon's 7th years working as a model for Doosan Construction Company. Thus this phenomenon is just a chance event during this re-contracting period rather than the replacement of a whole generation of models as many seems to think".

However, he also added that the new generation of female stars include Yoon Eun-hye, Jeong Ryeo-won and Kim Ah-joong will be threats to previous generation of models for quite a time because they are both original and new as well as they have already established strong familiarity with the general public.

korean babes
korean babes
korean babes